Friday, 24 February 2017

The "Real" Meaning of The Matrix and Hunger Games Movies

Background: I spent most of the last year suffering nightly black magic and psychic attacks. A couple of times during these I managed to pull information about the global conspiracy out of the person doing them. What follows is my recollection of what I learned on one such occasion, when I managed to gather information on what the Illuminati understand to be the real meaning behind films in which a group of rebels overcome a tyrannical system, such as The Matrix and The Hunger Games, and why they allow these types of movies to be made.

The psychic said that the alternative community completely misunderstands what these films are about. They are not about humanity becoming free of the tyranny of the Illuminati, as most read them, they are actually about the Illuminati becoming free of the tyranny (as they see it) of God (and of his universal laws).

The Matrix, for example, doesn't represent human society, it represents reality as a whole – the entire system of dimensions and worlds, and the laws that govern reincarnation through them. The “rules and controls” of the Matrix are the universal constraints such as karma and so on that dictate where beings are reborn and what actions they can perform without suffering negative consequence. The Illuminati see this system as tyrannical as it prevents them from doing what they like, or at least greatly constrains them, and The Matrix narrative is about them becoming free of it.

Neo and his band of rebels represent this Illuminati, a faction within humanity fighting to be freed from the law of karma, with Neo representing the figurehead anti-christ and not the true Christ as most people read it.

From a cosmic perspective, the conspiracy is an attempt by them to engineer a dog-eats-dog region of reality in which the law of karma no longer applies in order to give them total freedom, and this is what The Matrix movie depicts. They think that if existence is “all possibility” then such a state of affairs should be realizable somewhere.

Neo's speech on the telephone at the end is therefore not the Christ telling the Illuminati how the future is going to be, it's the anti-christ telling God how the future is going to be (“a world without rules and controls (i.e. without karma) – a world where anything is possible (i.e. for the Illuminati) – a world without you.”)

In the later movies, when people escape from the Matrix and join the rebels this is symbolic of them joining the Illuminati and being freed from karmic law.

I haven't re-watched the film with this interpretation in mind and therefore don't know if it stacks up in all the details, so make of it what you will. There are some aspects I still don't understand, such as what “the machines” represent and so on.

The psychic then told me to look at some of the other similar movies from the same perspective and to see if I could figure out what they were about. The one I thought of was The Hunger Games.

Background: In Buddhist cosmology there are six realms into which beings are born according to their karma: Heavens (where the Gods reside), Hells, Animal, Human, Ghosts and Semi-Gods. The Gods in Buddhism are not “gods” in the Western sense of the term - they have no power or influence over human affairs but are just ordinary beings who were born into a paradisical world and who enjoy higher states of consciousness for a time due to their good karma.

The Semi-Gods also reside in a type of higher realm but it is not of the same quality of paradise as the Gods because their karma is not as good. I believe this is where the Illuminati live between human lives and where their consciousness is situated. The Semi-Gods are said to be jealous of the Gods because of their superior environment and are always making war on them to try and steal what they have, but that the Gods are always victorious. The Semi-Gods are also always fighting with one another. (Buddhism calls them “The Jealous and Warring Gods”, “Demi-Gods”, or “Asuras”).

Looked at in this way, the Capitol of The Hunger Games represents the Heavens, and its inhabitants the Gods. In Buddhist teachings it says that the Gods are forever engaged in trivial pursuits (see The Capitol), that they stay looking young until just before they die (symbolised by the constant plastic surgery) and that food and other resources there are plentiful. In the books and film the citizens of The Capitol are depicted as being bloated and decadent because this is how the Semi-Gods (in their jealousy) like to see them. President Snow is the tyrannical ruler of the whole system (God).

The Districts represent the realm of the Semi-Gods, where the Illuminati live, with the poverty there being symbolic of the fact that their environment is of a lesser quality than that of the Heavens. The thirteen Districts represent the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines. They have been kept fighting amongst themselves until now (by “God” through the Hunger Games) but in the end unite under a single figure (Katniss Everdeen) to “storm the gates of heaven” in order to take what the Gods have for themselves. (I think there's even a direct reference in the film to “storming the gates of the Capitol”).

If this interpretation makes any sense then again the alternative community has the real meaning of the film backwards. I notice that in these types of movies the rebels are (almost) always victorious. I do wonder why the Illuminati would be making/allowing films with that outcome if the commonly-accepted interpretation was the correct one. Why would they want to inspire us with the hope that we could overcome them?

Also, notice that in the light of this Hunger Games reading, the Matrix theme of “a world without borders or boundaries” could mean a cosmic order in which the Illuminati are no longer barred from entering the Heavens as they are now, and in which they are no longer confined to their own realm.

The alternative community likes to watch these sorts of films and enjoy them as a depiction of humanity overcoming the illuminati, when in reality they are being programmed on a soul level to view them as their liberators. This is ironic, to say the least.

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